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Utilizing the right mix of technology, intentional design, and innovation.

Diversity of Experience

The Briggs Burton Consulting (BBC) team has over 5 decades of combined industry experience in  corporate real estate. We have each held positions such as Tenant, TI & Capital Project Leader, OPM, Director and SVP of Real Estate, Manufacturing Company, Services, Strategy & Governance, Landlord, Operations Director, Asset Manager and Global RE Team Lead. We have held these positions in Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Medical Device and Corporate, Startups and co-working space companies.

We fortify your most formidable advantage, harnessing the strengths of both your physical office and your human capital.

BBC specializes in workplace consulting services and space solutions that center around fostering and nurturing a vibrant culture. Through extensive post-19 client engagements, we deeply comprehend that the office, while crucial, isn’t the sole solution to re-engage employees within its confines.

By delving into your current workforce data and gaining insights into your employees’ preferences and requirements, we identify the areas where the office environment excels. Through a blend of technology integration, purpose-driven design, and deliberate space planning for both concentration and inclusivity, we transform the office into a dynamic nucleus for innovation, collaboration, and your most resilient asset for adaptability.

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Briggs Burton is a 100% woman owned company based in the great Boston Massachusetts area. Our team is comprised of multi generations of FTE’s and 1099’s.  We feel this mix allows us to scale and support our clients as a realistic price point throughout varuious areas of the country.

A few of our team’s profiles are below:

Ann Tirrell-Burton


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Ed Tirrell

Principal Client Manager

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Jake Lessard

Principal Client Manager

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Paul Norman, SME

Senior Project & Logistics Manager 

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Dylan Roberts

Project & Logistics Manager 

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Taylor B.

Project Manager

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Specialty Relocations

Moving people & managing change.

Briggs Burton also delivers customized relocation and expansion project management. We operate as an owner’s project manager, and deliver a customized, bespoke relocation package which enables your employees to focus on their normal work load. Once the physical move begins, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a full Day One Launch which enables work to continue in your new space. We sew up the seams in your critical project.

  • Maintaining business as usual during Planning
  • Building Readiness process
  • Day-of Move Management
  • Decommissioning for Labs/Offices
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