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Your office should be the hub of innovation, socialization and your strongest adaptable asset.

What We Do

Using an intentional mix of technology, design, inclusion, and change organization, Briggs Burton Consulting can optimize your workplace for future growth.

The Value of Strategic Analysis

While corporations trend towards downsizing or outsourcing, BBC focuses on optimization of the workplace as well as intentional design strategies.

Significant gain can be made from transformation of the workplace – including space, buildings, and processes. The post-19 era we are now in demands that employers and company owners reevaluate what they consider the workplace to be. Employee empowerment and organizational learning are just one example. Briggs & Burton Consulting has extensive knowledge in the holistic optimization within a business or lab, extending to space planning, internal strategies, and data-driven reporting.

Workplace Solutions Include:
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Space Planning Road Map
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Data Analysis: creating actionable data reporting; trending data

Your workforce shouldn’t be the only part of your business that carries out company objectives – make your space work for you.

The physical work environment is just as important as your company culture. BBC uses information, tools, and technology to enhance how your space can actively support your workforce and overall performance.

Workplace Solutions

Observing, evaluating, and reporting – collecting data that informs further decision-making and the overall health of a company.

Workplace Assessment

Using extensive data collection and reporting tools, BBC analyzes where the workplace gaps are – from current workplace data to employee needs and wants, as well as future goals of the company. This data can then be used to optimize not only the current workforce as well as spaces, but prepare and implement strategies for growth.

Space Planning Road Map

Strategic space planning identifies space needs according to business initiatives, explores allocation of space in order to meet those needs, and prioritizes the acquisition or disposition of space, equipment, and other assets.

Workplace Strategy

The hybrid working model has added a layer of complexity to many workplaces. Management of spaces has often been neglected, as needs changed quickly but future goals were never addressed. Assessment of a workplace is key to the success of a company’s future, as current practices can be looked at closely and analyzed objectively.

Data Analysis

Briggs Burton Consulting can leverage modern tools alongside other data collection practices in order to create a full picture of a workplace. This information allows informed decisions to be made when managing physical spaces and strategies.

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